10 Tips to get successful on Upwork


It is very difficult to start with upwork on any other freelance marketplace for beginners. First thing every beginner must follow is to be patient and work with consistency.

TIP: First Identify your skill set in which you are perfect to work.

Following are some key points to be successful on Upwork:

  1. Create a Profile with casual, and gentle Profile Picture.
  2. Briefly describe about you and your skills.
  3. Create your introductory video to present your communication skills.
  4. Clear skills test in which you have to work.
  5. Make a profile of your recent work. (if you have not done any project do some volunteer projects).
  6. Search the projects which are posted newest.
  7. Search the clients who have low budget projects i.e. $5 budget.
  8. Write an appealing cover letter.
  9. Offer free sample in the cover letter.
  10. Be very humble to the client in dealing.

The most important point to be remembered is to stuck with the patience and bid with hope. Never lose hope. Then you will be successful to the get the job.

Happy Bidding!


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