IMF is expectations from Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan

IMF Meeting

Pakistan and the International Financial Fund agree on a program during almost three years, and before this or so before June or before 2019-20, it can be agreed in this regard. News Sunday. Unless the deal is signed, more details of the final agreement will not be made to the public.

In the meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde met on the occasion of global government summit when promised to support the economic reforms of Pakistan.

Sources near the Finance Ministry agreed to the journalist that the IMF had already assessed the policy rate, instead of the dollar from the FBR, demanded the rupee and the overall target of the tax. Although most of the methods have been agreed between Pakistan and IMF, however, many tasks will be done before May / June reach the final agreement. Officers involved in interaction with IMF said that most measures would be part of the next year’s budget on demand of IMF, he said that Dubai has reached a wide range of pressure. Sources said that the target for the next budget will be set by the IMF and it can be higher than Rs 4.7 crore. In addition, additional adjustment will be done in the rate of exchange rate and exchange rate of SBP, News reported. Next then utility prices will also be used out of the next budget and will be shown as budget decisions instead of future financial expenses. Pakistan has already made plans to subscribe subsidy to public sector organizations before the agreement, and details regarding this already agree to the dialogue with the IMF team, it was more learned.

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted after meeting with IMF Managing Director, “There was a variation of our ideas on the need for deep structural reforms to put on sustainable development in the country, the most dangerous community of society. Are safe. “Director Christine Lagarde in Dubai.

A press release released by IMF said that Mrs. Lagarde told the prime minister that IMF is ready to support Pakistan because it emphasized that a strong package of deciding policies and economic reforms Pakistan will restructure its economy and maintain its foundation. Strong and more involved development.

The IMF head further said that both sides discussed the economic potential of Pakistan as a potential international aid program. “There are key priorities to strengthen the poor and to improve the quality of people’s lives in order to protect government,” he added.

Sources in the Finance Ministry said that maximum points were agreed when a video conference in front of Finance Minister Asad Omar and the IMF team to attend the World Government Summit in Washington before reaching Dubai.

A statement issued by the Finance Ministry said that Prime Minister and IMF leader Lagarde met on the occasion of the World Government Summit. The Prime Minister praised Pakistan with the help of IMF and shared its vision for building the nation. He explained the government’s determination to promote structural and government reforms. The statement said that the IMF head “Pakistan government recognizes the measures taken yet to strengthen the economy and said that IMF will continue to cooperate in maintaining Pakistan’s economic restoration. Both sides have agreed to work together on the priorities and reforms of the policy, in which the foundation of the foundation of reducing the inefficiency of the purpose and creating the path of development in Pakistan. In this


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