Indian Arrested Pilot Abhinandan Released by Pakistan


Lahore: Pakistan handed over Indian Pilot Abhinan to India in the Wagah border on Friday.

Pakistan Rangers officials handed over Indian Air Force Wing Commander to Indian Border Security Force officials during tough security.

Earlier, Abhinand was brought to the Wahga border, where the documents were handed over to the Indian authorities after confirmation of documents.

With the Wing Commander, the Indian High Commissioner who had also crossed Pakistan from India.

After the release of Abhinand immediately, in an external statement, the Foreign Office of Pakistan said that the captured Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinand has returned to India today.

In the press releases, the foreign office said it was arrested from the Jammu and Kashmir, were shot by Pakistan Air Force after violating the Pakistani airspace And fell in Kashmir.

The statement further stated that “During the prison, he was treated with respect and according to international law.”

He said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has announced his return as a sign indicating that the aim is to increase the tension rising with India.


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