Mohammad Sami will Lead Islamabad United for HBL PSL


The winner of the inaugural HBL PSL and the defense PSL champions is proud of the honor that Mohammad Sami will captain this for HBL PSL.

Mohammad Sami raised the Islamabad United in Gold Category Draft for PSL1. Since then, he took 37 wickets in the only 6.55 economy rate in 27 PSL matches.

Sami is the second highest wicket in the history of PSL – sami is the highest for the United Nations – and the rate of its economy is only the second rank Path between the money in PSL history.

Sami, who has played 136 international matches for Pakistan, is always present for the franchise, and is the largest member of the squad of the HBL PSL4.

Regarding the appointment, Ali Naqvi, the owner of the Franchise, said, “Sami has always served Franchise with great respect and respect. He has always estimated himself to explain that and the last three One of the stars of the team has been in the years, compared to that, it has been able to win more and more matches. Besides, his captain’s experience has been several years – he almost for a decade and Karachi from different Karachi The teams have led, and the role has succeeded in. He was his first choice for the role, and we are happy to have the FSG for the PSL edition. Yadt will. “

Welcoming this appointment, Mohammad Sami welcomed the appointment, “It is honorable to me that the United Nations and Ali Naqvi of Islamabad have selected me under the leadership of Franchise. I always wanted to give all my team the purpose So that they should believe in paying for it, and I hope I will increase this challenge. I have got the opportunity to get the opportunity and I hope that I I will continue the tradition of success. “

Islamabad is one of the six franchise teams in the United Pakistan Super League (PSL) and is a winner of the PSL’s first and third seasons. Franchise believes that in bringing changes in international sporting and changing the commitment of continuous development of Pakistan’s sports change.


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