Wonders of failures

Wonders of failures
Wonders of failures
Wonders of failures Fnewz

You will find many people writing too much about failure as how to tackle it, how to get away from it, how to learn from it and so on. I feel it is a waste of time to know such and such things. The more we push ourself to get away from it, the more we find ourself into it. Although I understand how tough is it to face and get the news of failure, indeed it is something that gives a new life to your journey.

Failure is itself a blessing. It does wonders to you which are uncountable. It is a blessing in disguise which helps you to know your perfect position. It helps you to find where you are right now and what you need to do to reach your desired goal. But the question arises, what should a person do when he goes through a bad patch in his life.

My answer is to very simple. One should sink into it and enjoy the moment of failure. Appraise the moment of restart and rethink. Some fewer people get this chance and fewer are those who take advantage of it. If you will fear from it, you will get caught in many more failures. As it says ‘don’t push yourself hard to come to the sea when you are already sinking, lose yourself and sink deep in it’. The deeper you will go, the easier you will find the reasons for your failure. This will make it easy for you to try.

Your failures are your medals, which you will demonstrate one day when you will be motivating others. None gets motivated with success, the story of hard and rash days make everyone energized and gives more power to come to the top and do better.

Failures also minimize your burden, it gives you a very different relief in starting things from the beginning. Of course, your job gets doubled but it makes you able to have another try with more effort. This makes your aim towards things better and sharpens your focus.

Talha Iftikhar


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